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Promote the blue circle
OVER50%of type 2 diabetes
can be prevented

Promote the blue circle

The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes awareness and the logo of World Diabetes Day. There are many ways you can help promote the global symbol of diabetes awareness:

  • Wear blue for diabetes
  • Wear the blue circle pin or bracelet – available to buy here
  • Persuade a Member of Parliament, celebrity, or high-profile individual in your community to wear the blue circle pin. Don’t forget to get a picture, keeping in mind any physical distancing measures in place
  • Promote the blue circle selfie app
  • Use the blue circle Instagram filter
  • Include the blue circle in all of your correspondence and promotional materials
  • Use the blue circle as your profile picture on Facebook
  • Find a great profile picture on Facebook and use our frame to promote the blue circle!
Promote the blue circle

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