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14 November

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Over 50% of type 2 diabetes
is preventable

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2020 is The Nurse and Diabetes. Messaging and materials will start to be made available during the second quarter of 2020.

In 2018-19, the theme of World Diabetes Day was Family and Diabetes.

IDF raised awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and support network of those affected, and promoted the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of diabetes.

Families were urged to learn more about the warning signs of diabetes and find out their risk of type 2 diabetes. Research conducted by IDF in 2018 discovered that parents would struggle to spot this serious life-long condition in their own children. Despite the majority of people surveyed having a family member with diabetes, an alarming four-in-five parents would have trouble recognising the warning signs. One-in-three wouldn’t spot them at all.

The findings underlined the need for education and awareness to help people spot the diabetes warning signs early.

A lack of knowledge about diabetes means that spotting the warning signs is not just a problem for parents, but is an issue impacting a cross-section of society. This is a major concern, due to the signs being milder in type 2 diabetes, the most prevalent form of the condition, responsible for around 90% of all diabetes. One in two people currently living with diabetes are undiagnosed. The vast majority of these have type 2 diabetes.

Left untreated or unmanaged, diabetes can lead to life-changing complications. These include blindness, amputation, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. Diabetes was responsible for over four million deaths in 2019.

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