World Diabetes Day
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World Diabetes Day

Activity for healthcare professionalsActivity in the workplaceScreening for type 2 diabetes Start Date: November 14, 2023
End Date: November 16, 2023
Location: Egypt

The event focused on three dimensions, first, to increase nursing staff awareness of different types of DM and possible complications and how to treat them. Second, to increase patient and family education about DM and treatment plan including insulin injection, diet modifications, and physical activity. Third, to screen hospital employees and visitors for type 2 DM with Random Blood Sugar Assessment in the OPD assessment room or through hospital round to assess hospital staff.

The event activity were as follow
1- Hospital round to assess employees RBS ( We assessed 300 employee 3 of them had a RBS over 150 and one had RBS 230 and all of them were directed to diabetes clinic for further assessment.
2- Directing Hospital visitors to OPD assessment room to assess RBS (we assessed 250 visitor 5 of them had a RBS more than 150 and they were directed to diabetes clinic for further assessment)
3- Nursing education sessions with nursing instructors about DM, complications and different types of insulin.
4- Nursing education board had a posters about DM for 2 weeks to increase staff awareness
5- Patient and family education about DM, risk factors, complications, and treatment plan (diet, activity, and insulin injection)
6- Disrepute a fresh vegetables salad to employees and hospital visitors to encourage them to eat healthy food.

Organizer: Cleopatra Hospital

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