Our Awareness in Diabetic Prevention
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Our Awareness in Diabetic Prevention

Screening for type 2 diabetes Start Date: November 14, 2023
End Date: December 31, 2023
Location: Bangladesh

Is a person good or not? Along with the question, the word of physical fitness comes first. And in terms of physical health, non-communicable diseases have become a cause of more concern than communicable diseases. At present one of them is diabetic. Voluntary organization 'Aso Socheton Hoi Society’ has been conducting various activities for diabetes awareness for two months. World Diabetes Day was celebrated on November 14 in various healthcare institutions in Bangladesh. Like other organizations voluntary organization 'Aso Socheton Hoi Society’ to raise awareness about diabetes by providing diabetes talks among pedestrians, counseling of diabetic patients, identification of pre-diabetic patients, free registration (for advice on subsequent diabetes) and free sugar. Tested. Mazharul Islam, the founder president of 'Aso Socheton Hoi Society’ and a social activist said from his experience of working for a long time on public health, the amount of money spent on the treatment of a diabetic patient, if spent on diabetes awareness, would save thousands of people. It is possible to avoid becoming a diabetic patient.
Social worker Mazharul Islam also said at one stage of the discussion, treatment is needed to save diabetic patients, but awareness is needed to reduce the number of patients. 'Aso Socheton Hoi Society’ is trying to identify and counsel pre-diabetic patients by conducting free sugar tests for common people. So that those people do not get full-blown diabetes. But diabetes can be affected in later life. By doing this, on the one hand, they will be saved from being unable to work, on the other hand, they will also be saved from financial losses.

Organizer: Aso Socheton Hoi Society (ESHOI)

Event website: https://www.eshoi.org/