DiaMER (Diabetes Mellitus – Educate & Reform)
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DiaMER (Diabetes Mellitus - Educate & Reform)

Activity for healthcare professionals Start Date: November 16, 2023
End Date: November 17, 2023
Location: Chennai Outer Ring Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600123, India

DiaMER (Diabetes mellitus…. Educate & reform) A Panimalar initiative
It's about constant reformation for a holistic societal transformation. We are proud to be part of the initiative led by our management—a beginning, a step towards a long journey. Education stands at the forefront of our Panimalar Group of Institutions. We recognized the need to fortify access to quality diabetes education. Our aim was clear: empower individuals to understand, manage, and prevent diabetes-related complications.
Healthcare Awareness Extravaganza for Future Professionals:
To mould the future of healthcare, we curated a series of four dynamic workshops and four captivating competitions for aspiring MBBS students, BSc Nursing candidates, and allied health sciences enthusiasts. Our mission: To deliver hands-on training and instill a comprehensive awareness of diabetes care through an innovative and multifaceted approach.

Competitions that Spark Creativity:
1. Creative Poster Making (Theme: Access to Diabetes Care):
• Participants: An impressive turnout of 70 undergraduate students.
• Objective: To visually articulate the intricate facets of diabetes care and access.
2. Hand Painting (Theme: Know your Risk, Know your Response):
• Participants: A talented pool of approximately 50 undergraduate students.
• Objective: Empowering students to artistically express the connection between understanding one's risk and crafting appropriate responses.
3. Meme Competition (Theme: Impact of Diabetes-Related Complications):
• Participants: Over 15 entries showcasing the wit and creativity of our undergraduate students.
• Objective: Infusing humor and creativity to shed light on the repercussions of diabetes-related complications.
4. Photography Competition (Theme: Access to Diabetes Care):
• Participants: Captivating entries from around 20 talented individuals.
• Objective: Capturing poignant visual narratives that underscore the challenges and importance of access to diabetes care.
On November 17, 2023, a day dedicated to advancing knowledge and skills in diabetes care, we orchestrated a symphony of four enlightening workshops in the morning, seamlessly followed by captivating talks in the afternoon.

Empowering Minds and Hands-on Skills: Diabetes Workshops and Enlightening Talks
Here's a glimpse of the enriching sessions:
1. Footage – Podiatrics Workshop
Conducted by Dr. V. Rajkumar, Orthopedician, Fellowship in Diabetic Foot Reconstruction Surgery (King's College, London)
• Unveiling the intricacies of podiatric care
• Exploring the realm of diabetic foot reconstruction surgery
• Bridging theory with practical insights

2. Diaminos – Nutrition Workshop
Conducted by Ms. Sujatha S, Registered Dietitian, Nutriture Clinic
• Crafting a Diabetes plate method for effective nutritional management
• Dispelling myths surrounding nutrition and diabetes
• Delving into nutrition goals within diabetes management strategies
• Engaging in interactive case discussions to stimulate critical thinking

3. Diabestie – Insulin Administration Workshop
Conducted by Dr. Vasantha Kumar, Regional Medical Advisor, Sanofi
• Comprehensive exploration of insulin types and regimens
• Hands-on training in insulin administration techniques
• Navigating the do’s and don’ts in insulin therapy
• Unveiling recent advances in insulin therapy for enhanced patient care

4. Prick-O-Prick – Phlebotomy Workshop
Conducted by Dr. Bhaswanth Pottipati, Medical Affairs Manager, Becton Dickinson (BD) Vacutainers
• Introduction to venipuncture with a focus on precision
• Hands-on training in blood sample collection techniques
• Identifying various venipuncture sites for optimal results
• Emphasizing safe and effective sample handling practices

Enlightening Perspectives: Guest Lecture and Panel Discussion on Diabetes Complications
In our relentless pursuit of comprehensive diabetes education, we recently hosted a guest lecture and a thought-provoking panel discussion, exploring both the acute and chronic complications of diabetes mellitus. Here's a glimpse into the captivating sessions:
Guest Lecture - Operation Madhumeha Agent Pushpa:
• Speaker: Dr. Pushpa Saravanan, MD, Dip Diabetology, Associate Professor, Institute of Diabetology, MMC & RGGGH
• Focus: Shedding light on acute complications, providing invaluable insights into managing critical situations arising from diabetes.
Panel Discussion on Chronic Complications of Diabetes Mellitus: A dynamic panel featuring a diverse array of specialists:
1. Dr. S. Surya Prakash, Assistant Professor, Interventional Cardiologist
2. Dr. T. Ravindran, Professor & Head of Department, General Medicine
3. Dr. J. Samuel Cornelius Gnana Durai, Professor & Head of Department, Ophthalmology
4. Dr. Shraddha Laxmidhar Mohanty, Assistant Professor, Neurology
5. Dr. Goutham K, Assistant Professor, Nephrology
6. Dr. Shifa Zareena, Assistant Professor, General Surgery
Key Highlights:
• A comprehensive exploration of chronic complications, bringing forth the collective wisdom of experts from various medical domains.
• Each panelist, an authority in their field, shared unique perspectives on the intricacies of managing diabetes-related chronic conditions.
• Inspired by the multiverse theory, our panel showcased a multitude of voices, reflecting diverse experiences and approaches in handling the complexities of diabetes mellitus.

Transformative Journey: This multifaceted approach transcended traditional education into a Value Added Educational Activity. It wasn't merely an endeavor to impart knowledge; it marked the initiation of a transformative journey for our students. Immersed in the complexities of diabetes care, our learners embarked on a path that goes beyond textbooks, enriching their understanding through the real-world experiences shared by our esteemed speakers.

Organizer: Department of Biochemistry , Panimalar Medical College Hospital & Research Institute

Event Email: biochempmchri@gmail.com
Event website: https://pmchri.ac.in/