DIABETES – What do I risk if I don’t know the risks?
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DIABETES - What do I risk if I don't know the risks?

Online activity Start Date: November 22, 2023
End Date: November 22, 2023
Location: Kentucky, United States

As part of National Diabetes Month, the Kentucky Academy of Science will host a webinar titled “Diabetes: What Do I Risk If I Don’t Know the Risks?” on Wednesday, November 22, dedicated to the general public.
This session will focus on the impact of diabetes on various Indigenous populations and will also explore the correlation between diabetes and exposure to environmental factors such as chemicals, pollutants, and other endocrine disruptors.
The webinar will be led by Dr. Fernando Malerbi of the Federal University of São Paulo and Brazilian Society of Diabetes, and Dr. Iuliana Popescu, a diabetes researcher member of the Education and Engagement Committee of KAS.
This event aligns with the broader mission of World Diabetes Day and National Diabetes Month 2023, advocating for increased awareness, prevention, and education about diabetes risks.

Organizer: Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS)

Event Email: iuli.ristea.popescu@gmail.com
Event website: https://kyscience.org