Diabetes awareness exhibitions
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Diabetes awareness exhibitions

Meeting/Exhibition/Fair Start Date: November 13, 2023
End Date: November 16, 2023
Location: Emerald, Queensland, 4720, Australia

We are raising diabetes awareness during World Diabetes Week with exhibitions at 3 different shopping centers around Emerald from Monday to Thursday ! 🌍 An opportunity for members of the public to discover a path to better health!

You may visit our stand for FREE blood sugar checks, a comprehensive diabetes risk assessment, and an opportunity to speak to a diabetic educator.

An opportunity to take control of your wellness journey and learn more about diabetes risk, diagnosis and management. Your health is worth it! #WorldDiabetesWeek #BlueCircle #HealthyChoices

Monday, November 13th, 2023 @ Noon – The Plaza
Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 @ Noon – Central Highlands Market Place
Wednesday, November 15th @ Noon– The Village
Thursday, November 16th @Noon– Central Highlands Market Place

Organizer: Emerald Medical Clinic and James Cook University CQCRRH

Event Email: shirleyann.bailey@chhealth.com.au