11th Diabetes in Practice Iran
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11th Diabetes in Practice Iran

Activity for healthcare professionalsActivity for policymakers Start Date: November 14, 2023
End Date: November 14, 2023
Location: Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

On World Diabetes Day, the Gabric Diabetes Association hosted more than 380 doctors active in diabetes management. The first panel of this scientific event "Social determinants of health in diabetes management", was held with the presence of representatives of the Supreme Council of Insurance, Armed Forces Insurance, Health Insurance, Food and Drug Organization, General Directorate of Medical Equipment and Diabetes Pharmaceutical and Equipment Companies. The chairman of this panel Dr Alireza Astaghami, pointed to the problems of the country's diabetes community in the field of providing drugs and equipment for the management of diabetes and called for more effective inter-sectoral cooperation in this field. Also, the representatives of the pharmaceutical companies explained their efforts in facilitating and solving the current problems. At the end of this panel, a statement related to the needs of the country's diabetes community was read.
In the second panel of this conference, the topics of clinical management of diabetes were discussed under the title "Diabetes management updates". In this panel, the top professors of endocrinology and metabolism as well as cardiovascular diseases, in the form of a review of clinical cases, examined the latest points related to patient-centred management for the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases in diabetics.

Organizer: Gabric Diabetes Association and Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Event Email: info@gabric.ir
Event website: https://gabricvida.com/dip11/