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Diabetes Matters
3 in 4people with diabetes live in low-and middle-income countries

IDF/ITN news programme “Diabetes Matters”

The International Diabetes Federation has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News on a news-style programme – “Diabetes Matters” – to raise the profile of diabetes and unite voices in diabetes awareness for World Diabetes Day 2020 and beyond.

Presented by ITN Productions Industry News presenter Alice Beer, ‘Diabetes Matters’ focuses on the challenges faced by people with diabetes and health professionals. The news-style co-production features people living with the condition with participation from diabetes specialists, particularly under the shadow of the global coronavirus pandemic plus a special report on a breakthrough trial from the NHS.

Nurses play an integral role in improving health outcomes for health professionals and for people living with chronic conditions like diabetes. This year marks the World Health Organisation’s Year of the Nurse and Midwife, however, 2020 has seen a global shortage of nurses, particularly in low middle-income countries where the demand is higher. ‘Diabetes Matters’ features a special report from San Paulo, Brazil on how the nurse can make all the difference for those affected by diabetes.

Categorised as an international health crisis, diabetes affects hundreds of millions of people across the globe, where disadvantaged countries have seen a clear rise in cases. Professor Andrew Boulton, President of The International Diabetes Federation, now in it’s 70th year, discusses the federation’s viewpoint. From the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the global shift towards western diets, to health inequalities across the world and the training of diabetes nurses, as well as his vision for the next 70 years of the Federation.

“Through this programme, we hope to raise awareness of the need to prevent type 2 diabetes in those at high risk, improve diabetes care for the many millions living with diabetes and prevent or delay the onset of complications. We want to emphasise why diabetes must be kept front and centre of the global health agenda,” said Professor Andrew Boulton, President of IDF.

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