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Support WDD on social media
1 in 2 people with diabetes
do not know
they have it

Support WDD on social media

Get involved in the International Diabetes Federation’s social media activity for World Diabetes Day 2019 by liking, sharing or retweeting what we do.

International Diabetes Federation channels

  • @IntDiabetesFed (Twitter)
  • @intdiabetesfed (Instagram)
  • #WorldDiabetesDay

These channels will be sharing content for IDF members, people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, and campaign partners. The specific call to action for these channels is to:

  • Encourage governments to do moreto help families with diabetes
  • Spread the word about World Diabetes Day and diabetes awareness month
  • Encourage people to share their diabetes awareness activities on our interactive  events map –

World Diabetes Day channels

  • @WDD (Twitter)
  • @worlddiabetesday.idf (Instagram)
  • #WorldDiabetesDay

These channels will be sharing content for the general public and people who have a family member with diabetes. The focus will be on how to prevent, manage, and detect diabetes. The specific calls to action for these channels are to:

  • Encourage people to learn abouttheir risk of type 2 diabetes through IDF’s online assessment
  • Direct people to the WDD website to learn more about diabetes
  • Encourage people to take photos of themselves and their families using the blue circle selfie app

How to organize a social media campaign


Plan your posts in advance – with a calendar of planned posts, you’ll know what to post, and when to post it


Get the theme right – include ‘Diabetes: protect your family’ as an overarching theme for your social posts


Use content to help your audience discover, prevent and manage diabetes


Get the tone right for your audience – remember that the general public needs to be educated, while people that already know about diabetes are looking for fresh content


Have a clear call to action – make sure your audience has somewhere to go or something to do next – encourage them to take a selfie with the blue circle app or find out their risk of type 2 diabetes through IDF’s online assessment


Make it visual – share an image or video, and encourage your audience to do the same


Use #WorldDiabetesDay – don’t forget to use the hashtag to build momentum


Have a conversation – social media should be a conversation. Ask your followers questions and start a discussion


Engage with celebrities – find a celebrity with an interest in diabetes and engage them in conversation by tagging them using the ‘.@’ function


Share the campaign resources – use the posters, infographics and visuals to spread the ‘Diabetes: protect your family’ message

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