Organize an activity

Putting together an exciting event can be a great way to generate widespread interest around World Diabetes Day and engage families and members of the public, businesses and governments. You could:

  • Organise screenings for type 2 diabetes in public places, such as National Parliaments or City Halls
  • Organise a fun group activity. Check this out for inspiration!
  • Organise a ‘Learn about diabetes‘ event in schools
  • Set up a press conference
  • Organise a family-themed physical activity such as a mini sports day
  • Arrange an activity at your workplace
  • Organise and/or sponsor a local diabetes fair

TOP TIP: Invite local celebrities or members of the press to your event to generate some excitement and reach a wider audience.

Your 5-step guide to organising an event

1. PLAN 

Start planning what you want to do as early as possible – remember the emphasis should be on something that involves the whole family.

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Set up an organising committee.

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Find a venue – be sure to find somewhere that is family-friendly.

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Spread the word – e.g. through social media.

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Share your success as far and wide as possible!

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Engage your local community by finding local partners to support and collaborate on the organisation of your activity. You could for example reach out to a local service club. IDF has signed a partnership with Lions Clubs International to help prevent diabetes and improve the quality of life for the millions affected. They may be interested in a joint activity.

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