World Diabetes Day 2021 in Iran
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World Diabetes Day 2021 in Iran

Media activity Start Date: November 14, 2021
End Date: November 21, 2021
Location: Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

In consideration of COVID-19 situation, World Diabetes Day 2021 event in Royan diabetes center was held releasing educational videos in Persian. The speeches were delivered by the experts of Royan diabetes center and were broadcast on the center's website ( as well as the center’s Instagram page (royandiabetesclinic). Topics covered during the event included:

An introduction to world diabetes day (by Dr. Azam Kouhkan)
Nutritional challenges in diabetes (by Shaghayegh Hadizadeh)
Physical activity in diabetes management (by Marjan Afghan)
Diabetes and neurodegenerative disease (by Aysan Farhadi)
Diabetic foot problems: treatment and care (Dr. Mohammad Azimi)
Diabetes eye care (Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Nourani)
Stress and psychological care in diabetes (by Dr. Zahra Roustaei)
Diabetes and infertility (by Dr. Shima Abbasi Hormozi)
Cardiovascular disease and diabetes (by Dr. Maryam Barkat)
Stem cell therapy for diabetes (by Dr. Yaser Tahamtani)

Organizer: Royan Institute, Royan diabetes center

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