WDD Celebration – Healthy Kitchen
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WDD Celebration - Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Start Date: November 1, 2022
End Date: November 30, 2022
Location: Qatar

Qatar Diabetes Association has organized a health kitchen during WDD Celebration

The diabetes friendly meals served in the tent are all approved by Qatar Diabetes Association and will include a variety of tasty, healthy food choices. Diners can easily identify a diabetes friendly meal as they will be clearly labelled with a blue Action on Diabetes circle.

The first step is getting rid of excess weight by consuming less calories and smaller food portions; this improves the insulin sensitivity in your body. Some other steps to lower the risk of diabetes include:

Adopting a diet reduced in carbohydrates
Consuming less highly processed and fatty foods
Introducing more high fiber foods in your diet
Avoiding sweets and refined carbohydrates
Avoiding juices (fresh or packaged) and sugar sweetened beverages

Organizer: Qatar Diabetes Association

Event Email: qda-idf@qf.org.qa
Event website: www.qda-idf.org.qa