Sambutan Hari Diabetes
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Sambutan Hari Diabetes

Selective Event Type Start Date: November 11, 2022
End Date: November 14, 2022
Location: 1286, Jalan Batu Berendam, Melaka, Melaka, 75350, Malaysia

Our clinic is called Klinik Kesihatan Batu Berendam in Melaka, Malaysia. It is a public primary care facility under the Ministry of Health.

This is an event to officiate Diabetes Day and to hand out awards to patients who are able to maintain a good glycaemic control, patients with improvement of glycaemic control and patients who are committed to physical exercise sessions.

There are also pop up booths from various units like pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and dietitian to educate members of the public about therapy provided for people with diabetes.

Organizer: Klinik Kesihatan Batu Berendam

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