Focus on Diabetes

Meeting/Exhibition/Fair Start Date: November 21, 2020
End Date: December 4, 2020
Location: Moka District, Mauritius

Activity 1: A roadshow to raise public awareness on type 2 diabetes and its complications.

This will involve engaging with the public (children and adolescents and adults of all ages) and diabetes educational activities delivered by a diabetologist, a diabetes nurse and a researcher in diabetes. Props will be used to depict complications of diabetes and how to control them

Activity 2: ‘Hands on’ focus on Sugar, Energy & Diabetes

The audience will be asked to guess the sugar content in common food and drinks (soft drinks, chocolate bars, fruits, sweets). The actual sugar content will be revealed along with the amount of physical activity needed to burn off the sugar/energy/calories. Young children will be encouraged to dress up as a scientist in a white coat, gloves & goggles and measure out (in a scientific manner) the grams of sugar for example in a can of coke.

Activity 3: Focus on the discovery of new diabetes therapies and a glimpse into clinical research

A series of simplified talks will be delivered by Dr Reshma Ramracheya with a focus on her research on diabetes in Mauritius & Oxford. A workshop/debate will be hosted involving members of the public and a diabetologist, a dietician, a diabetes nurse and a pharmacist. Activities will focus on where the pancreas is and what it does; how sugar affects the body and what insulin does; how clinical research is tackling one of the most challenging health problems. Props will be used, including anatomical organ models, posters, and animations using visual display units to simplify diabetes, insulin and the pancreas.

Organizer: CIDP

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