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Screening for type 2 diabetes Start Date: November 17, 2022
End Date: November 18, 2022
Location: The Ring Road, Ismailia Governorate, 8366004, Egypt

Suez Canal university and Arab Association for study of diabetes and metabolism organized an event to screen for type 2 diabetes among the population of Ismailia governorate , using free type 2 diabetes risk calculator from google play store validated by Medscape , screened personnel underwent random blood glucose testing , glycated hemoglobin, lipid profile testing. Health education about prevention of diabetes and when to screen were provided in small group discussion. All screening activities were lead by medical staff from faculty of medicine - Suez Canal university and supervised by Prof. Inass Shaltout head of Arab Association for Study of Diabetes and Metabolism and Prof Seham Ahmed, Head of internal Medicine department.

Organizer: Prof.Inass Shaltout-Dr. Iman El sherif

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