Access and Education to Increase Life Quality and Expectancy (World Diabetes Day 2022)
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Access and Education to Increase Life Quality and Expectancy (World Diabetes Day 2022)

Interactive Online Event Start Date: November 4, 2022
End Date: November 4, 2022
Location: São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Promote debate, reflection and proposals on the current situation of diabetes in Brazil, with special attention to the data revealed by the T1D index.

Emphasize the urgent need for different sectors to understand and engage with the World Diabetes Day themes to reverse the country’s diabetes landscape: “Diabetes Education to Protect Tomorrow” and “Access to Diabetes Care: If Not Now, When ?”

Engage stakeholders from different sectors in the commitment to move forward with the proposals made to presidential candidates, in order to definitively implement or optimize already approved actions, policies and incorporations.


16:00-16:20 – Opening and Contextualization

Mark Barone, FórumDCNTs
Simone Cherniakovsky, Novo Nordisk
Deborah Aligieri, SBD

16:25-16:30 – What most caught your attention in the T1D index data? Where can we – and should we – act now to improve? (Karla Melo, SBD)

16:35-16:40 – How do healthy and adequate eating programs contribute to the primary and secondary prevention of diabetes? (Ana Maria Maya, Ministry of Health)

16:45-16:50 – In relation to other types of diabetes, what are the main current challenges in Brazil? (Fadlo Fraige, ANAD/FENAD and IDF-SACA)

16:55-17:00 – How and why should diabetes education be prioritized in national programs to improve the current scenario? (Nancy Chang, CHLA)

17:05-17:10 – Which SUS actions should be prioritized to improve the scenario of diabetes in Brazil? (Sandra Sabino, SMS-SP)

17:15-17:45 – Discussion – What adjustments will we prioritize to achieve the globally proposed diagnostic, treatment and control goals? (Moderation: Mark Barone, ForumDCNTs)

Ana Maria Maya, Ministry of Health
Deborah Aligieri, SBD
Fadlo Fraige, ANAD/FENAD and IDF-SACA
Karla Melo, SBD
Nancy Chang, CHLA
Sandra Sabino, SMS-SP
Simone Cherniakovsky, Novo Nordisk

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Organizer: Intersectoral Forum to Fight NCDs in Brazil (ForumDCNTs)

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